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Roof Battens

AKZ is a leading producer of regularized tiling battens for the UK roofing market with well over 10 years of experience.
Latvian sideboards are a perfect fit for this product provided that they are well sorted.

AKZ battens are produced in lengths from 3.0m through 5.4m and in the three traditional batten sizes:
19 x 38 mm
25 x 38 mm
25 x 50 mm

AKZ produces two types of tiling battens.

AKZ premium battens.
AKZ premium battens are fully graded according to BS 5534:2003+A1:2010 and treated to HC2 according to BS 8417.
The premium battens are marked showing size, treatment and grade (BS5534) and species.

AKZ traditional battens.
AKZ traditional battens have been successfully supplied to the UK roofing industry for many years.
These battens are fully graded to BS 5534:2003+A1:2010 except for the final knot size which should still be checked at the construction site according to TB33 and treated to HC2 according to BS 8417.
The traditional battens are marked showing size, manufacturer, species, grade (TB33) and treatment.

AKZ battens are always regularized to assure consistency in dimension.
AKZ battens are strapped in mini-bundles of 10 pieces for easy handling at the construction site and packed in half-packed for easy handling throughout the distribution chain.