Product range

Packaging and pallet boards

AKZ produces a variety of sideboards for the packaging industry.

Species: Pine and Spruce, separated, rough sawn.
Moisture: kiln dried 18% or fresh sawn
Sizes: 16 x 75/100, 19 x 100, 22/25 x 75/100/125/150mm
Lengths: 0.8m through 6.0m

All kiln dried sideboards are ISPM-15 compliant, packaged in single length units and protected with full 5-side wrapping.

Pallet collars.
Our pallet collars are produced with raw materials from our own sawmill.
The automated line produces collars with consistent quality and high accuracy. Naturally the wood in the collars is always KD and ISPM certified.
For long term customers we can add the customer’s own logo to the product.


Precision trimmed sideboards.

Precision trimmed sideboards with a tolerance of +0/-1mm.
All our sideboards are KD 18% and ISPM certified.


Wood pallets.
We supply the European pallet market with CP pallets and one-way pallets 800x1200 & 600x800.
AKZ is certified for the production of CP pallets.


Pallet-Collar line