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Bio-fuel pellets

Our Premium Bio-fuel wood pellets are produced from dried sawdust and planer shavings.

The bark residue from our sawmill is used as fuel to heat the timber kilns and to dry the sawdust.
Bark is not added as a raw material for the bio-fuel pellets.

Dried sawdust and planer shavings are mixed and reduced in size by a hammer mill after which it is pressed through a die with 6mm holes. The high pressure used causes a rise in the temperature of the material. This high temperature is needed to activate the Lignin from within the wood fibre cells to act as a binder to hold the final pellet together.
No additional binder is added.

AKZ has an annual production of about 70.000 metric tons of Premium bio-fuel wood pellets.

All the Woodpellets we produce are En Plus A1 certified.

Link to our certificate.

Link to our declaration of sustainability.

AKZ Wood Pellets are both sold in bulk and packed in 15kg plastic bags.
Our pellets are bagged by an automated filling line and speed fully automated packing line with robotic stacker. The packaging capacity of this line is 12 tons per hour.

AKZ Wood Pellets 15kg bags are packed on wooden pallets, wrapped with plastic and covered with plastic caps to provide stability and protection for transport to the final customer.


Premium wood pellets EN Plus A1.

Technical parameters values
Moisture ≈ 7%
Calorific value ≥ 18 MJ/kg
≥ 5 kW/kg
Ash content ≈ 0,5%
Mechanical durability

 98 %

100% pure coniferous wood. No additives.

Premium Holzpellets EN Plus A1 Granulés de bois Premium conformes à la norme EN Plus-A1. Pellet di legno Premium EN Plus A1
Technische Parameter Werte
Feuchtigkeit ≈ 7%
Brennwert ≥ 18 MJ/kg
≥ 5 kW/kg
Aschegehalt ≈ 0,5%
Mechanische Festigkeit  98 %

 100% Nadelholz ohne Zusatzstoffe.

Paramètre techniques valeur
Teneur en humidité ≈ 7%
Pouvoir calorifique ≥ 18 Mj/kg
≥ 5 kW/kg
Teneur en cendres ≈0.5%
Durabilité mécanique  98 %

100% résineux sans additif.

Parametri tecnici valore
Umidità ≈ 7%
Potere calorifico ≥ 18 MJ/kg
≥ 5 kW/kg
Contenuto di ceneri ≈ 0,5%
Durabilità meccanica  98 %

100% pino e abete, senza additivi.